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Sina Babazadeh

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Wrist, Knee, Hip


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A Bit About Me

I am an orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in wrist, hip and knee surgery.

I completed my medical education at Monash University, and subsequently over a 5 year period I finished my orthopaedic training in Victoria and Tasmania. 

I have also completed multiple post-graduate degrees, concentrating on orthopaedic surgery and anatomy, culminating in a PhD in knee replacement surgery; technique and optimizing functional outcome. In my thesis and subsequent research I've investigated factors affecting outcome after knee replacement surgery, and how best to optimize them.

I completed further specialist training in wrist surgery in Barcelona, Spain under the guidance of Professor Marc Garcia-Elias, arguably regarded as one of the best wrist surgeons world-wide. He taught me to appreciate the "most complex joint of the body" which allowed humans to climb down from the trees and make and use tools; an evolutionary marvel.

Outside of surgery, I have a keen interest in research, anatomy, philosophy, history and bad puns.


I've combined my love of anatomy and history to collect a library of antique surgical texts (see one shelf below), and use these to better understand the trajectory of medical knowledge and its ever transforming nature. Of note, the book 5th from the left (in the plastic wrapping) is a first edition of the first book to ever mention the word "Orthopaedics", which means to "Straighten Children", written in French in 1741. And the 13th book from the left is an original copy of Cheselden's anatomy book from 1726, which was the required reading for pioneer surgeons such as John Hunter who established surgery as a science.

I also have a keen interest in mentorship, and have started a mentorship website for students and young surgeons (

I am also a member of the Royal Australian Air Force Reserves and would feel privileged to be able to help any defense force personnel or associates.

It's actually very hard to talk about one's-self whilst maintaining humility, so I might just stop there. But in summary I am a qualified surgeon and feel that I am well rounded in the ways of this world, and hope that reflects in how I treat my patients. 



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