Frequently asked questions

Are you a hand surgeon, an orthopaedic surgeon or what?

I am an orthopaedic surgeon who has a special interest in wrists, hips and knees.

That's a strange combination, wrists, hips and knees!?

Indeed. Tell me about it. Most people said it couldn't be done. I showed them!

Are you even any good?

Cooking? No. Surgery? Not bad. As orthopaedic surgeons we have all had at least 5 years of rigourous specialist training, not to mention the years of preperation prior and subsequent to our formal training. So most of us are indeed very good at what we do.

Do I need private insurance?

No, I'll be happy to see you if you don't have private insurance, but if surgery is needed, I'd have to refer you to a public hospital. I have appointments at Eastern Health and at St Vincent's, so do operate publicly.

What should I bring to my consult?

Please bring your referral and x-rays. If you do not speak english well, a person who can translate would also be beneficial. To get the best value out of your consult, please ensure you send in your referral prior to attending, as that will give me the opportunity to find and assess your x-rays online prior to your appointment.

You have a foreign sounding name! Will I even be able to understand you?

Yes, I promise. I was raised and trained in Australia. I do talk fast, but it's all in english.

Why are you a Mr and not a Dr?

In Commonwealth countries, many surgeons use the title Mr (or Miss, Ms, Mrs, as appropriate), rather than Dr (Doctor). Until the 19th century, earning a medical degree was not required to become a qualified surgeon. Hence, the modern practice of reverting from Dr to Mr after successfully completing surgical training is a historical reference to the origins of surgery in the United Kingdom as non-medically qualified barber surgeons. But I can reassure you that i have indeed obtained my medical degree.

You make a lot of jokes! Will you take my health concerns seriously?

Yes, of course! I do make a few jokes here and there, but only because I think a bit of humour is necessary in life and is indeed the best medicine....unless you're diabetic...then insulin! Insulin is the best medicine.

I am after some quality caviar but cant find any on your site?

You may have confused "sturgeon" with "surgeon". Common mistake. Much more detrimental if made the other way.

Why don't you have a more "flattering" picture of yourself on your website?

I tried. Fortunately my photogenecity is not proportional to my surgical skills.

What hospitals do you operate out of?

I operate predominantly at Epworth Eastern and Glenferrie Private but am also accredited to operate at The Avenue and Epworth Richmond. I operate publicly at St Vincent's Hospital and Box Hill Hospital.

Why doesn't your name come up when I search for "best orthopaedic surgeon Melbourne?"

Unfortunately, unlike some surgeons who were smart enough to invest in google optimisation and advertising, I took a punt that Ask Jeeves would become a hit again and invested all my advertising budget on them. I am sure it'll pay off any day now...

Do you have any celebrity endorsements?

Just this cat:* *cat may not be a celebrity nor be endorsing me.

I am worried you'll try and talk me into an operation I don't need so you can buy a fancy car!

My goal is only to provide you with unbiased information and options. I only recommend surgery if I think it will benefit you. Like my recommendations for surgery, my choice in automobile tends to be safe, sensible and affordable.

Do you only use genuine parts when you operate?

Although ideal when servicing your car or vacuum cleaner, using genuine human parts in surgery is generally frowned upon. You can however be reassured that I only use artifical parts which have been tried and tested and have a strong track record of reliability and safety. I have no conflict-of-interest regarding the prosthesis I use.

What are your fees like?

I believe in being transparent regarding my fees. For your consultation, my fees are: -$200 for a new patient (30 minutes) -$100 for a review appointment (15 minutes) -The post-operative checkup in free For surgery, with most insurance companies my out-of-pocket fees are: -$100 for minor cases done under local anaesthetic -$250 for most day cases -$500 for larger cases requiring a stay in the hospital. Often the anaesthetist charges a gap of $150-$200 and the surgical assistant charges a gap of $50-$100. For DVA, TAC or WorkCover patients there is usually no out of pocket costs either for the consultation or the surgery. There may be added costs if your insurance company is NIB or Qantas, as these insurance companies re-imburse far below market rates.

Why don't you have lots of 5-star Google reviews like some other surgeons?

Google reviews are totally spontaneous and surgeons definitely don't cherry-pick who they ask to leave a review. That's why I am sure you've Google reviewed all the other doctors you've seen in the past. Although I do appreciate feedback and word-of-mouth referrals, I think this is best done privately and directly rather than asking patients to leave online reviews.