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Knee Replacement Surgery






The main surgical treatment option for severe arthritis is a knee replacement. A knee replacement can be done using mechanical jigs, computer navigation or robotics. Mr Babazadeh has spent a large portion of his life researching knee replacement surgery (obtaining a PhD in the topic) and has published extensively. He believes in accelerated rehabilitation and accuracy, practising evidence-based surgery.

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Sports Injuries & Instability





Sporting injuries, particularly twisting injuries, often affect the knee. There are 4 major ligaments in the knee and 2 menisci which can all be damaged. Most will heal with the appropriate rehabilitation and bracing. But some, like the ACL, are unlikely to heal and may need surgical reconstruction to instil stability back to the knee. Reconstructing the ACL may help prevent further injury down the track.

Apart from sports injuries, lax ligaments can also cause instability, especially in the patella (knee cap). Often time and appropriate rehabilitation will compensate for lax ligaments, but surgery may play a role if the problem becomes ongoing.  

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Accidents and Trauma




The knee can be damaged from trauma and accidents. If the accident is severe, surgery can be used to put the knee back together. It can be important for preventing long term arthritis to ensure that the knee joint is put back together correctly. 

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